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Reasons To Consider Bamboo Flooring

About Bamboo Hardwoods

Bamboo hardwood flooring has become more popular recently because it is good for the environment and it is very durable. It is also a great alternative to hardwood flooring. Bamboo is a kind of grass that grows in Southeast Asia and China. It is not as expensive as other flooring options but it is high in quality.

Flooring professionals are always looking for new materials to offer their customers. These materials need to be durable, affordable and attractive. These professionals are well aware that consumers are looking for flooring that is attractive, but that will also stand up to everyday life. Bamboo flooring fits all of these categories and is an excellent choice.

Since bamboo renews itself naturally, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to harvesting trees that can take from 50 to 100 years to mature. Bamboo stalks mature in only three to five years and can grow up to 50 ft. tall.


Bamboo Floor Durability

Longstanding, Eco-Friendly, and Beautiful

Even though it is a grass, bamboo grows into a material that is extremely hard and durable. In addition, bamboo can grow in areas with relatively poor soil, where other crops are impractical. Even after harvesting, bamboo will continue to grow vigorously, making it one of the fastest growing plants in the world.

An alternative to hardwood floors and for adding value to your home, Bamboo floors are a wise choice. They provide the same level of hard, durable and attractive flooring as hardwood. It is practical, attractive, and brings style into a room. It is becoming easier to find it because it is eco-friendly and in higher demand.

Bamboo flooring is available in colors similar to hardwood including honey, light wood, dark wood and amber. The darker colors that can be found in bamboo floors are made by using pressure steaming and carbonization. The panels are also able to be arranged in different patterns such as flat grain or vertical.


Installing Bamboo Floors

Typical Ways Bamboo Flooring Is Installed

Installation of bamboo flooring can be accomplished by gluing, floating or nailing. The boards can be glued directly to the subfloor or glued to each other at the tongue to groove (floating).

A specialized nail gun can be used to shoot nails at a 45 degree angle through the tongue into the subfloor. With this method, the nails are not seen because the tongue and nail heads are covered by the next board.

Pre-finished and unfinished bamboo panels are available and available online through flooring vendors.


Consider the Beauty of Bamboo Flooring

Enduring, Strong, Eco-Friendly, Divine

Timeless contemporary appeal and a warm, comforting ambiance are just some of the adjectives used to describe the new bamboo flooring option.

It brings added value to your home as well as being reasonably priced, fashionable, durable, and environmentally friendly.

Bamboo flooring is a more economical alternative to the expensive traditional hardwood floor and easy to maintain. A homeowner looking or shopping for new flooring should seriously consider bamboo.


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