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Dust Free Flooring and Containment Systems

Sanding hardwood floors used to be a dusty nightmare. Sanding and finishing hardwood flooring is hard enough work without adding unnecessary health risks. Airborne dust from many wood species generated during this process can be very harmful to your health but is completely avoidable. For example, oak is rated as a potential carcinogen.

Dust containment systems for the hardwood floor finishing industry were introduced in the early 1990's and are continuing to be developed. With a dust containment system, the airborne dust that is typically generated during the sanding process is drastically reduced.

Not only does it provide a healthier environment for contractors to work in every day, it also eliminates the chore of hanging plastic, covering valuable and sensitive items, and the hours of clean up that were left after the refinishing process was complete.


How the Dust Containment Systems Work

The DCS utilizes a powerful vacuum that is attached to all the sanding equipment and captures and filters the wood dust produced by floor sanding before it becomes an airborne nuisance and health hazard.

As consumers have become aware of their dust-free sanding choice and don't want to put up with the mess, dust containment has become a desired service.


The dust containment system is the ultimate for dust-free sanding and provides:

Be sure to choose a hardwood floor contractor that offers refinishing using a dust containment system. Some contractors will charge a premium for this service but in the long run, it will be money well spent.

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