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How do I look after my hardwood floor?

Hardwood flooring is like any other wood product; it requires moisture in order to stay stable; too much and it will cup, too little and it will crack.

Ensure that you have a good humidifier on your furnace or a good portable humidifier. The ideal humidity for your home is between 37% - 45%.


How do I clean my hardwood floor?

We recommend a damp mop; do not swab the deck, so to speak. We also recommend a Bona Kemi cleaning kit for tough stains and all your hardwood flooring cleaning needs.


Can pre-finished hardwood flooring be top coated to blend with the wear patterns?

Yes, but there is no way to reproduce the factory finish and although the finish will be harder than the factory finish, the finish will look different. Some people prefer the look of site finish over pre-finish. Depending on the extent of the wear, you may require a full sand and refinish.


Are there advantages to Pre-finished over Site finished Flooring?

Pre-finished flooring is simple out of the box and on the floor, easy to install and easy to replace single damaged boards.

Site-finished flooring, using the full line of Bona Kemi waterborne finishes and dry fast stains eliminate dust, harmful fumes and any lingering odor. Site-finished flooring can also be installed at approximately the same cost as pre-finished, if not a little bit less.

Furthermore, site-finished flooring can be completed in just a few hours more than what it would take to install pre-finished. Site-finished will also prevent dirt and debris from getting into the gaps.


If I get my floors sanded and refinished, will the new finish yellow, and how long would I have to leave my home?

No, your new finish will not yellow as long as you use waterborne finishes. Alpine Flooring only uses environmentally friendly Bona Kemi waterborne finishes and stains.

In most cases you will not have to leave your home; in extreme cases you may have to go out for the day. See our products & services for full details.


What makes good hardwood?

From an installer's point of view, it comes down to just a few simple things: processing, milling and coatings; it is just that simple.


If I have pre-finished flooring, when it shrinks in the winter, how do I prevent dirt and debris from getting in the gaps?

You will not be able to prevent dirt and debris from getting in the gaps when your flooring shrinks, it will happen. The only way to prevent this problem is to go to a site-finished product.


How long will my hardwood flooring last?

Well, that is a tough question to answer for anyone. I like to use the following information as a guideline:

After the coatings have worn down, it will be time to sand and refinish your floor. Contrary to popular belief, the procedure to sand and refinish hardwood flooring depends on a lot of different factors, therefore, we like to say you can sand and refinish you hardwood flooring at least 4 times.

Even if you take all factors into account, this will still give you approximately 35 years of use out of your hardwood flooring.


Why should I choose Hardwood over other types of flooring?

Well, that question is an easy one!

Overall hardwood will last longer than just about any other flooring product, and it's healthier than carpet and will last a lifetime.

Furthermore, hardwood can be changed even after it has been installed; you can change the color to match a new home decor or add in a medallion or border for an extra touch of class.


What kind of warranty do you offer?

Alpine Flooring stands behind all of our installations as well as all of our sanding and refinishing procedures. We offer a full 12 months warranty on all work and products.