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How to Prepare For Your Flooring Installation Before Your Installer Arrives

By Denver and Boulder Colorado Hardwood Flooring Installer - Marty Wukich

You've ordered your new hardwood flooring material, hired an installer, signed a contract and set a start date. So what can you do to prepare before your hard wood service installer shows up?

Are You Going to Do Most of the Hardwood Prep Steps?

Well, if you decided to do some or all of the prep work yourself you have a little bit of work in front of you. If your contractor is going to do it all, there are still some things you can do so the job will run smooth from start to finish.

If you are one of the ambitious ones, get your knee pads and gloves and roll up your sleeves, it's time to work. You may have decided to remove the old carpet, remove tile or vinyl, base mouldings, doors, furniture and appliances.

It's time to get going!

If you plan on hanging plastic to keep the dust down, keep in mind that you and your installer will need to have easy access in and out of the areas where the work is going on. Take a look at my hardwood flooring DIY tips for help and get crackin'.

Is Your Installer Going to Do Most of the Preparatory Steps?

Here are a few things you will need to consider if your installer is going to do most of the hardwood flooring prep work. In most cases, the installer will want to set up his equipment either outside on the driveway or patio or in the garage if it looks like bad weather.

Keep that in mind and be prepared to move vehicles or clear the patio furniture and if you live in Colorado like me, keep a snow shovel handy!

Questions You Will Want to Consider:

If you're planning on working from home, be aware that the type of installation process can be very noisy.

Additional Options to Consider, Before Prepping Your Home for Wood Flooring Installation

Also Getting A Hardwood Flooring Finish?

If you are having any sand and finish work done, there will be certain times that you'll be unable to walk on the floors.

Depending on the type of finish you choose, you may wonder:


I know that seems like a lot to think about, but with a little common sense and some planning on your part, you will have a smooth running job, a happy installer and in the end, beautiful hardwood floors!

Need to know more about preparing your home for our visit to install, repair, or transform your hardwood floors? Contact Marty at Alpine Flooring in Boulder or Denver Colorado, for your home's hardwood floor installing and/or refinishing needs.

Or call at your convenience: 303-884-8020

Looking forward to working with you.