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Hard Wood Flooring Species

When making any purchase decisions we suggest doing thorough research on what may be suitable for your home and especially the region in which you live.

Some hardwoods may be susceptible to extreme arid conditions in their solid format; checking and splitting can occur.

In cases like this we suggest using engineered hardwoods as an alternative.

On another note, wide swings in relative humidity through seasonal changes should be monitored. Moisture can be added or reduced within HVAC systems, minimizing the expansion and contraction process all hardwoods experience.

Also know that color changes with all hardwoods will vary as will the rate in which they change.


Below is a list of the common wood floor species

wood flooring species, picture of ash wood by boulder hardwood flooring company

Ash Wood



picture of australian cypress wood by boulder colorado hardwood flooring and refinishing company

Australian Cypress Hardwood



picture of brazilian cherry hardwood flooring by boulder hardwood floor and refinishing services

Brazilian Cherry



picture of brazilian walnut wood floor courtesy of boulder colorado hardwood flooring refinishers

Brazilian Walnut



picture of heart pine wood courtesy of boulder colorado flooring refinishers and contractors

Heart Pine



photo of hickory wood by boulder colorado hardwood flooring professionals




picture of north american cherry wood installation by denver and boulder hardwood flooring refinishers and installers

North American Cherry



picture of wood species north american maple by denver colorado hardwood installation and refinisher Alpine Floors

North American Maple



north american walnut wood species photo by Boulder Colorado Hardwood Floor Installers, Alpine Floors

North American Walnut



oak red species of wood floors photo by Boulder Colorado Hardwood Flooring Services

Oak (Red)



white oak wood floor species. Photo by Boulder and Denver Colorado Flooring Contractors

Oak (White)



yellow pine floor hardwood species by Boulder Flooring Installation Contractors Alpine Flooring

Pine (Yellow)



Santos Mahogany Wood Flooring Species by Boulder, Colorado Floor Specialists and Installers

Santos Mahogany Wood



tigerwood hard wood flooring species photo by Boulder Colorado Hardwood Flooring Specialists

Tigerwood Species



Boulder and Denver Colorado Hardwood Flooring Specialists shares photo of Wenge Wood Species

Wenge Hardwood


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