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E-Z-Glide: E-Z-ly The Best Floor Protectors On The Market

It was about 20 years ago when I got my first hardwood floors. The company that put them in never told me how to take care of them and I never asked. I swept and washed them every so often and even had some rugs in front of the doors. But the one thing I didn't realize was how much damage my furniture would cause to them.

After about two years, I had another company come in to refinish them. I asked why it looked like the finish was all worn off around my dining room and kitchen tables and was told that it was from the constant sliding of the chairs in and out.

He told me to buy some pads to put on the bottom of the legs and that would protect the floor. So I did and about 3 weeks later I started to notice scratches in the floor again.

The felt pads that I put on had started to curl up and peal off. I wasn't going to pay to keep having the floors refinished so I did a little research and found some pads called E-Z-Glides that looked like they would work pretty well. So I purchased some to try out.

E-Z-Glides are a peel and stick pad just like the felt ones I had used before only these seemed really durable. They are made from what looks to be a dense Berber carpet. They came in a few different shapes and sizes and a couple of colors as well.

The E-Z-Glides I got were round ones that were ¾" in diameter and the perfect size for my chairs. There were others that were ½' and 1' round, 4"X ½" strips and saw some that were about 6" squares that could be cut into whatever shapes you want.

I got home and peeled off what was left of the old felt pads, which was pretty easy to do. I decided to take a piece of sand paper to the legs to clean off the little bit of adhesive that was left behind before I attached the new E-Z-Glides.

They went on really easy except for the fact that the adhesive on these was so good that if it wasn't centered on the leg, it was kind of difficult to pull off and move. That was the kind of "problem" I was looking for.

I got all six chairs done pretty quickly and decided to put some on the bottom of the table as well. After a couple of weeks of use they were still on. Absolutely no peeling at all so I decided to try and peel one off myself.

No luck, they looked like they were there to stay. I was so impressed I decided to get more for the rest of my furniture, sofas, coffee and end tables and even put some under my entertainment center.

I purchased a new dining room set about 10 years ago and used the easy glides again. There still on!! I just turn the chairs over once in a while and brush of any grit that may have accumulated.

E-Z-Glides are a great product and are definitely worth the few extra pennies more than what you would pay for the other felt pads. A few dollars spent on E-Z-Glides have, over the years, saved me hundreds of dollars in refinishing costs.


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